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Aztecs on Stage,
The War at Troy, Quintas of Smryna

Nahuatl drama, one of the most surprising results of the Catholic presence in colonial Mexico, merges medieval European religious theater with the language ... więcej

The Arapahoes, Our People, Trenholm Virginia Cole
The Nez Perces, Haines Francis

The Arapahoes are an important Plains Indian tribe. Previously neglected in favor of their more hostile allies, the Sioux and the Cheyennes, they have ... więcej

"Haines has made a genuine effort to make imaginative and sympathetic use of the few sources that tell the internal story of what the Nez Perces thought ... więcej

Fifty Years on the Old Frontier, Cook James H.
The Folklore of Spain in the American Southwest, Espinosa Aurelio M.

"James Cook came west before he reached his teens, and his life encompassed most of the raw material that today comprises our mythology: trail driving ... więcej

The region of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado holds a unique place in the world of Spanish folk literature. Isolated from the rest of the Spanish-speaking ... więcej

Talking to the Moon, Mathews John Joseph
The Amazing Death of Calf Shirt, Dempsey Hugh Aylmer

The result of more than 40 years of research, The Amazing Death of Calf Shirt and Other Blackfoot Stories is a unique oral history spanning three hundred ... więcej

Arikara Narrative of Custer's Campaign and the Battle of the Little Bighorn,
Daily Life in Colonial Mexico, Ilarione da Bergamo

General George Armstrong Custer's defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn is well known through U.S. military sources and Lakota and Cheyenne narratives ... więcej

Volume 78 in The American Exploration and Travel Series After returning to his Italian monastery in 1770, a Capuchin friar named Ilarione da Bergamo wrote ... więcej

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